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Twenty years ago I came up with the name 'RadiAsian'. Throughout the winter of 2015, I unfortunately ended up homeless and sleeping in my old 7 series (which was rammed full of studio gear) between work shifts. Feb 2016- I had a few ounces of gold and 100 ounces of silver which I sold to keep the car running and rented a room in East London. I used to do my university assignments in my car and patch into the wifi connection at the local cafe to submit them before the deadline. Within a week of having the keys to the room, RadiAsian was incorporated, website, phone lines, broadcast servers, banners and licensing sorted. The bed was thrown out (which annoyed my GF) and the room was kitted out into a broadcast studio. I started presenting my own show on RadiAsian.London. I started with a small, yet important, number of listeners. Now my reach is international.

I built my own platform with a few key objectives:

To provide a platform to showcase great music on an international scale.
To provide a voice for the oppressed and silenced who suffer under unjust conditions.
To provide various angles on a subject unlike MSM which systematically pushes the official narrative. Listeners aren't stupid. They can make up their own minds.
A bridge of communication with my sons who hardly see me as I'm constantly working.
To put my studio gear and engineering skills to good use.
To create a legacy for the next generation.
I don't pay for social media likes and followers etc. However, I do regularly share my show listenership and reach.
There is no team, I am one man alone who slaves in the studio. However, God the Almighty is on my side.

Entrepreneurship- I could have taken the safer path with a salary or hourly wage in radio but I chose not to. I'm sure a radio presenter/producer's job is challenging, but that's not enough for me. Sure, there's constant financial uncertainty, directorial responsibility, technical headaches and regulatory stress, however, there's the upside of shareholding, profit share and sonic, creative freedom which is priceless. Here my knowledge of finance, law and music is put to use daily.

RadiAsian...the No.1 Station for the Asian Invasion!


Nuff love and respect brother! Just had a listen through, show.sounding sick. Thanks for your support as always – Deelite MC

Deelite MC

Deelite MC

100% my brother. I’m sending you a few unreleased tings. You’re the only one with this content cos I rate you and what you’re doing for us artists! Exclusives for you only brother- Jazz LDN


Jazz LDN

BIG RESPECTS @RadiAsian.London for supporting all my recent releases!!! Bless UP guys! – Apache Indian BEM

Apache Indian BEM

Apache Indian BEM

Simply one of, if not the best, Asian Radio Show I have heard. Dav with RadiAsian tune in, don’t just take my word…Banter, tune selection, sound quality- top notch work here! – The Jujj


The Jujj

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